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Women's Haircut                   $60+
Men's Haircut                       $40+

One Step Color                     $90+
Accent Foil Highlights            $125+
Full Foil Highlights                $180+
Balayage                              $190+
Fashion or Vivid Color            consultation  required                                                       


Brazilian Blowout                 $275+

Prices vary by stylist, length and thickness of hair. 
Not all services are provided by every stylist.​

Level Seven Salon is a collective of Beauty Entrepeneurs, each with their own specialties and pricing. Below are examples of what we have to offer. More details are located on our Book Now tab. 

Want to work with us? Our treatment room is for lease! Email for details.  It's perfect for estheticians, lash artists, permanent makeup, waxing or sugaring etc. 



Andrya is a dynamic force in the beauty industry, excelling as a salon owner, stylist, educator, and brand ambassador. In 2011, she founded the renowned Level Seven Salon, recognized for its innovation and exceptional customer satisfaction. With a passion for education, she has not only mastered hairstyling but has also mentored aspiring beauty professionals, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Andrya's expertise as a master colorist is evident in her stunning transformations. Actively involved in her community, she contributes as a Chamber of Commerce member, fostering valuable business connections and relationships. Her journey stands as a testament to her talent, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit, making her a revered figure in the salon world.

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Teresa Schauf


 Meet Teresa. With over 30 years of invaluable experience in the hair and beauty industry, Teresa is a seasoned hairstylist who brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Formerly a salon owner, she has honed her skills over the years, catering to diverse clients and creating stunning hairstyles.

Teresa's journey has taken her from owning her own salon to living in the tropical paradise of Hawaii for 6 years, where she further enriched her craft. Now back in the the Pacific Northwest, Teresa is known for her dedication and true passion for the art of hairstyling. Her commitment to making people look and feel their best is evident in every haircut, color and style she creates.

We are delighted to have Teresa as a part of our team, where her talent and enthusiasm continue to inspire both colleagues and clients alike.


Alisa Wintermute


Alisa, a highly skilled hairstylist, is celebrated for her vivid hair  color transformations. With a lifelong immersion in the hair industry, she's a constant learner, always seeking innovative techniques. Alisa is not only a creative artist but also a dedicated hair color educator, sharing her passion and knowledge. An avid animal lover, she finds companionship and solace in her furry friends. Beyond her professional life, she treasures quality time with her child and draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world.

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Rhonda Weigel


Meet Rhonda, the best blonder in Bothell, known for her exceptional skills and creativity in hairstyling. With a passion for both the artistry of hair and the culinary world, Rhonda brings a unique  blend of talents to her work. When she's not transforming hair, she's whipping up  delights in the kitchen, showcasing her love for cooking. Family is at the heart of Rhonda's world, and she cherishes spending quality time with her three kids, creating cherished memories together. Rhonda is not just a hairstylist; she's an explorer of the Pacific Northwest, always seeking new adventures and hidden gems in the region. Her keen eye for style extends beyond hair, as she is always ahead of trends in both hair and fashion, ensuring her clients leave her chair not only looking fabulous but also feeling confident and on-trend. Experience Rhonda's expertise, creativity, and warm hospitality – where hair meets artistry and passion.


Naraye Szydowtski


We regret to inform you that our esteemed esthetician, Naraye, has retired from the skincare industry after many years of dedicated service. Naraye has been an integral part of our team, providing exceptional care and expertise to each client she has served. While we are saddened by her departure, we are grateful for her contributions and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. 

Tricia Cooper


 Tricia, a hairstylist with a remarkable eye for detail, is a true artist in the world of hairstyling. Specializing in dimensional colors and chic short haircuts, she transforms hair into personalized works of art. Each snip and shade is meticulously curated, enhancing her clients' unique features and leaving them not only looking fabulous but also exuding confidence. Tricia's expertise lies in crafting mesmerizing hair designs, where her passion, skill, and attention to detail converge, making her clients' hair experiences unforgettable and truly exceptional. 


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